LETS Train Update: Brandon

Brandon St. Clair was laid off from EXCEL Well Service in June 2021. After 13 years with the company, he was unsure of his next steps. He was torn between going back to work to provide for his family but knew that he needed to upgrade his skills to find sustainable employment. That August, Brandon […]

Travis’s Success Story

As a former justice-system-involved individual, Travis Jackson struggled to find full-time employment. He was able to scrape by doing odd jobs like tree trimming but knew that he had to find a steady job to make ends meet. After meeting with case manager Lisa Hubbard, Travis became interested in getting his CDL. The WIOA Adult […]

ESEM Jobs Project

Appalachian Voices Regional Director of Community and Economic Development, Adam Wells, presented an overview of the ESEM Jobs Project at the event.

On April 5th, the WDB co-hosted the Southwest Virginia Energy Storage and Electrification Manufacturing (ESEM) Jobs Project Economic Development Analysis and Community Advisory Plan Presentation, along with the Cumberland Plateau Planning District Commission and the Virginia Coalfield Economic Development Authority. Our region’s companies and communities have been challenged by the ever-changing energy economy while simultaneously […]