A Letter from Dawnna

The letter below was written by a current WIOA Adult participant as part of a report for the State. So moved by the letter, our staff thought it should be shared:

My name is Dawnna, and I am in the Part-Time Evening & Weekend (PTEW) Registered Nursing Program at Mountain Empire Community College. I am a 36-year-old wife and mother. I decided to go to college in my early thirties, deciding that it was better late than never. My family and I struggled to save the funds to attend college and get everything I needed for the program. I called every program I knew of and asked if they could not help if they knew of a program that could? I would have to take a few semesters off to save for the numerous items needed to attend. I decided to call one last place, and it was my local social services, and they put me in contact with the SWVA Works WIOA program.

The first person I talked to changed my life! The SWVA Works WIOA program exists for people like me; they have helped me in so many ways. First, they bought my uniforms for the nursing program; the program bought my laptop and tablet required for the program, the shoes, stethoscope, all the books needed for the program and helped me pay for my ATI access. WIOA has helped me fix my vehicle and bought my tires to have transportation to and from college, clinical rotations, and work. WIOA has helped me with my electric bill and scrubs, and shoes for work. Without this program in place, I would not be able to go to college, and I could not have continued into the nursing program. This program is a blessing for the people it helps and their families. Thank you, SWVA Works and WIOA program. I would especially like to thank Monica Buchanan for always being in my corner. You are amazing; this entire program is! Thank you, all of you, for everything you have done for my family and me. Our future is brighter because of all of you!