Southwest Virginia Workforce Development Board


We are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that provides workforce services to individuals and businesses throughout far southwestern Virginia in the counties of Buchanan, Dickenson, Lee, Russell, Scott, Tazewell, Wise, and the City of Norton. Our support system helps job seekers overcome barriers they may face as they look for work while connecting them to our region's businesses for employment opportunities. While most workforce development boards in Virginia only operate the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) programs, we are uniquely positioned to pursue other funding as a nonprofit organization. As such, we have an array of specialized programs that help individuals with severe barriers, like substance abuse recovery and justice-system involvement. These programs work in harmony with WIOA to ensure the utmost success for each and every participant.

SWVAWDB_Support System - Debi-Hutchinson

Debi Hutchinson

Programs Manager


SWVA Works Workforce Specialist - Lee and Scott Counties

SWVAWDB_Support System - Robyn-Davis

Robyn Davis

SWVA Works Workforce Specialist - Wise County & City of Norton

SWVAWDB_Support system -Stephanie-Edwards

Stephanie Edwards

SWVA Works Workforce Specialist - Dickenson County

SWVAWDB Support System_Mike-Elswick

Mike Elswick

SWVA Works Workforce Specialist - Buchanan County

SWVAWDB Support System_Lisa-Hubbard

Lisa Hubbard

SWVA Works Workforce Specialist - Tazewell County

SWVAWDB Support System_Deeanna-Estep

Deeanna Estep

SWVA Works Workforce Specialist - Russell County

SWVAWDB Support System_lisa-baker

Lisa Baker

R.O.P.E.S./Project Reconnect Senior Workforce Specialist

SWVAWDB Support System_Rita-Perkins

Rita Perkins

Program Officer

SWVAWDB Support System_Doug-Meade

Doug Meade

Special Projects Coordinator

SWVAWDB Businesses Support System_Jason-Sartin

Jason Sartin

Business Solutions Coordinator


The Counties We Serve

The Southwest Virginia Workforce Development Board is located in the beautiful Appalachian mountains of Southwest Virginia. The SWVA WDB represents Virginia’s Workforce Area One and encompasses the communities of Buchanan, Dickenson, Lee, Russell, Scott, Tazewell, and Wise Counties, as well as, the City of Norton. Although it is a predominantly rural area, there is significant industrial development and business presence.


Our History

With the implementation of the Workforce Investment Act of 1998, the Southwest Virginia Workforce Development Board embarked on its journey to develop a workforce system that would provide a well-trained workforce compatible with both the needs of existing businesses and adaptable to the needs of prospective businesses. The process has been ever-changing and a struggle at times. With the enactment of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act of 2014, a new way of doing business followed, yet always with the same goal in mind:

Our Mission is to provide businesses with the workforce to diversify the economy, and to provide the workforce with pathways to well-paid, satisfying careers that maintain their quality of life in Southwest Virginia.

Our Programming & Services

The Southwest Virginia Workforce Development Board is committed to improving the businesses and lives of people in this area. We help individuals obtain employment and further their careers. We empower businesses with key resources and support. While our work to leverage available programs and initiatives to support our region is ongoing, below are some of the crucial programs we currently champion to serve those that come to us for help:

WIOA Adult Program: For job seekers 18 years or older who face barriers (such as low income or lack of training) to enter or reenter the workforce.

WIOA Dislocated Worker Program: For job seekers that have lost their jobs (through no fault of their own) and need to reenter the workforce as quickly as possible. Additional funding is available to provide extra assistance with housing, childcare, uniforms and tools, and more.

WIOA Youth Program (INTRO): For young adults ages 16 - 24 who face barriers to entering the workforce. Barriers can include having a low family income, being in or aging out of foster care, or lacking critical academic skills. Additional funding is available in Dickenson and Tazewell counties for young adults who don’t meet WIOA eligibility and/or who are still in school.

Recovery Opportunities & Pathways to Employment Success (R.O.P.E.S.): For job seekers who are recovering from substance misuse disorder OR have a criminal background (an individual does not have to have both to qualify for the program). We help with on-the-job training, DMV fees and penalties, safe driving classes, mental health referrals, and more.

Living Expenses while Training Stipend (LETS Train): For job seekers that are un- or underemployed, live in Buchanan or Tazewell county, and are enrolled in a training program. We provide a monthly living stipend so that they are able to finish training and go to work.

Project Reconnect: For job seekers that face additional barriers due to former justice system involvement or criminal history living in Buchanan or Tazewell counties.

Cars to Work: For low-income job seekers or employed individuals who need transportation to and from work and live in Dickenson or Tazewell Counties.

A Step Ahead: For workers who have lost their jobs. We provide a monthly living stipend to individuals so that they can attend short-term training to hone their existing skills or enter a new career field.

Committed to supporting the success of our community


We envision meeting the needs of our businesses and workers by enhancing skills to create a qualified, career-ready workforce that reflects the Southwest Virginia values of honesty, dependability, and resiliency.

Aleta Spicer

Executive Director

Sarah Bundy

Director of Operations and Finance

Rachel Patton

Director of Business Solutions

Tiffanie Goff

Director of Workforce Programs

Nick Childers

Assistant Finance Director

Heather King
Regional One-Stop Manager
Pam Ratliff

Administrative Manager

Jason Sartin

Virginia Career Works - Wise Center Manager


We are the Chief Local Elected Officials (CLEOs) of the units of local government within the area who, along with the SWVA WDB, ensure alignment of economic development, fiscal policies, and strategic planning.

Larry Mosley (Chair)

Lee County

Danny Mann

Scott County

Lou Ann Wallace
Russell County
Maggie Asbury

Tazewell County

Peggy Kiser

Dickenson County

Roger Rife
Buchanan County
Mark Caruso

Norton City

Tim Boardwine

Wise County


We represent local businesses, educational institutions, and mandated partners and are responsible for setting policies to ensure quality services while remaining compliant with the law. Over half of the Board’s membership consists of local business leaders.

Bill Franklin (Chair)
Sharon VanDyke (Vice-Chair)
Rebecca Scott (Secretary)
Andre Richmond
Becky O'Quinn-Purdie
Beverly Proffitt
Christopher Sanders
Cindy Matney
Devantae Mooney
David Yates
Deborah Casey
Denechia Edwards
Ginger Branton
Glenda Carter
Greg Bailey
Jack Compton
Kathy Malone
Kristen Rutherford
Lennie Gail Mitcham
Malcolm Perdue
Randy Rose
Rhenda Kroecker
Rick Colley
Rita Surratt
Robert Chapman
Ruben “Andy” Miranda
Ruth Blankenship
Susan Campbell
Tammy Kinser
Tina Steffey
Todd Asbury
Vicki Porter
Vickie Kitts
Comprehensive One-Stop Center
501 Railroad Ave
Richlands, VA 24641
(276) 963-2660

Working together to build a stronger workforce