Cars Programs | Southwest Virginia Workforce Development Board


Program is Available in Dickenson and Tazewell Counties

If not having a car to commute to work or job training is an obstacle for you, let’s talk. Cars Programs are available to help you get on the road and back to work!


Cars Programs provide vehicles to individuals to help them commute to work or training. Vehicles are chosen specifically for the needs of the individual and are test-driven and repaired (if needed) to ensure they are safe to drive. 

This program works the same way that a car loan at a traditional bank does, except there is no interest charged. Individuals make a down payment of $100, and subsequent payments of $100 for 24 months ($2,500 total). After 24 payments, the title is released to the individual.

To qualify, individuals must have an income at or below 150% of the Federal poverty guideline and a clean driving record.

This program is available from time to time depending upon the availability of a funding source.

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