Noah Powers His Way to a New Career

Wise County resident Noah had worked part-time, minimum-wage jobs to get by but knew he needed to find a career that would allow him to be financially independent. He began researching programs at Mountain Empire Community College and, with the help of his former case manager Monica Buchanan, enrolled in the Power Lineman Program. Noah […]

Michael is A Step Ahead

Scott County resident Michael lost his job due to the pandemic and found it nearly impossible to make ends meet when his unemployment benefits were exhausted. He sold almost everything he had just to keep his head above water when he learned about the A Step Ahead program and contacted case manager Robyn Davis. Due […]

Tonya Rebuilds her Life

As someone living with the repercussions of substance misuse disorder, Wise County resident Tonya needed help building her self-esteem and establishing a healthy relationship with her children. After hearing about the Recovery Opportunities and Pathways to Employment Success (R.O.P.E.S.) program, she contacted case manager Emily Hash to enroll. Tonya had previously trained in medical assisting […]