Dickenson County Youth Have Been Busy!

Dickenson County WIOA Youth participants continue to volunteer in their community.

L to R: Kiara, Courtney, Matthew, and Hunter

Courtney, Kiara, Hunter, Matthew, and case manager Stephanie Edwards helped get the McGraw-McFadden Mission Center ready for reopening.

The center receives donations of clothing, shoes, and household items and distributes those donations to people in need for free. The center had closed in March 2020 due to the pandemic but was still receiving donations from community members. Without volunteers to sort through items, the donations piled up quickly.

Youth participants helped clean and organize so that the center could reopen. They worked hard to sort, fold, and hang clothing items, cleaned shelves, rearranged items, stacked books, and emptied trash. The center is now open thanks to their efforts.

L to R: Zach, Stephanie, Kiara, and Courtney (not pictured: Hunter)

Courtney, Kiara, Hunter, Zach, and Stephanie also partnered with Dickenson County Community Partners for Prevention to help with the Safe and Sober After Prom Party for Ridgeview High School juniors and seniors. The event provided teens with safe and healthy entertainment while preventing them from drinking, driving under the influence, and engaging in other dangerous activities.

Youth participants helped set up the event, moved tables, displayed prizes, assisted with registration, oversaw games and activities, hung signs, stocked concessions, set up games, and cleaned up after the event. The school superintendent sent out an appreciation letter stating that this was the largest group of students attending Ridgeview High’s prom. And the best part is that the group managed to have a little fun at the event as well!

Back L to R: Zach, Courtney, and Hunter
Front L to R: Kiara and Stephanie

Stephanie says, “Community volunteers are often overlooked and underappreciated, but they are one of the driving forces behind successful communities. I love being able to facilitate community engagement events and activities for youth in Dickenson County. Watching these youth come together to support each other as well as community partners is amazing. During these events, youth learn networking skills, practice positive social interactions, and develop a sense of pride in their community. It is my hope that these experiences instill a love of volunteering for years to come. These youth are positive role models, not only for younger generations but for their peers as well. I want to recognize their dedication and efforts in building a better, stronger, happier community. I’m excited to see what the future brings and what [these] you[ng adults] bring to the future of Dickenson County.”