Hometown Vinyl Expands Thanks to SBEE Program

Hometown Vinyl owner, Latasha Underwood, bought her first vinyl cutter when she was a high school freshman and started crafting as a hobby. In 2019, she decided to start her own vinyl crafting business that she ran out of her home. “I never really saw myself as a business owner. Owning a business is convenient for my family. It offers me the flexibility I didn’t have when working for an employer.”

The business quickly outgrew her home and began to work on opening a storefront. Hometown Vinyl officially opened on Riverside Drive in Vansant in August 2020 and immediately took off. “I sell craft vinyl products and blank products for home vinyl crafters. These are very popular and are hard to find anywhere else locally. I also do customized work.” Underwood quickly realized that her existing equipment limited her printing abilities and caused her to turn down business.

Referred by a former SBEE recipient, Underwood approached the WDB for assistance with purchasing an industrial vinyl printer. “I had people needing full-color prints, but with the small printer, I was limited to single colors. People had to go outside the county.”

“The new vinyl printer allows me to do full-color t-shirts and decals, photo canvases, car wraps, banners, and large storefront signage. I have seen an increase in sales, so much so that I am getting ready to hire my first employee.” Underwood immediately picked up the contract to print all the banners for the Buchanan County Little League sponsorships. “The community has been very supportive. I knew that there was a need, but I didn’t realize it would grow to this point.”

Underwood is optimistic about Hometown Vinyl and excited to continue to grow her business in Buchanan County. She is grateful to have taken a hobby that she loves and been able to turn it into a business that provides a much-needed service right in her hometown.