Jessica’s Recovery Journey

Jessica Brown began her recovery journey as a resident of SATIRA’s (Substance Abuse Taskforce in Rural Appalachia) sober living facility, Hearts & Horizons, in Tazewell. At the time, she had no housing, no employment, and very little hope. Through the help of SATIRA, she regained her sobriety and obtained work and housing, but she still struggled with her driver’s license and housing expenses.

Jessica learned about the R.O.P.E.S. and Reconnect programs and enrolled in October 2021. She faced many obstacles to having her driver’s license reinstated, including legal issues, court involvement, and reinstatement fees in both Tennessee and Virginia. The programs played an integral part in reinstating her driver’s license by assisting with the court process and paying the reinstatement fees in both states. R.O.P.E.S. also helped with vehicle insurance and housing fees, which have allowed her to maintain employment.

Since then, she has made great strides in her recovery independence. She continues to work with SATIRA/Hearts & Horizons where she attends recovery groups and offers support and advice to those still residing there.

Jessica states, “I had not had my license for seven years. Having a driver’s license helps me stay employed and stay in recovery by being able to go to meetings. Also, I [now] have transportation to medical appointments and legal appointments. I am so thankful for the program[s] (R.O.P.E.S./Reconnect) and can’t wait to see this program help more and more recovering addicts like me!”

She continues to work at the Front Porch as a waitress and assists with their catering service. She hopes to become a Peer Recovery Specialist one day and works toward that by meeting her recovery goals and objectives. Business Solutions staff is assisting Jessica in finding work in an office setting, which was the type of employment she had before her incarceration.

Jessica’s commitment to her recovery journey is inspiring, and we know great things are in store for her!