A man in lineman gear looking up at a utility pole.

Lane’s Success Story

Lane was working a part-time job, but it wasn’t enough for him to lead the life he wanted. He wanted a career offering a higher wage and plenty of growth opportunities, so he began researching the Power Lineman program at MECC. Much to his surprise, Lane learned that linemen make a median wage of over $60,000 annually in the Southwest Virginia area (source: O*Net). From that moment, he knew he wanted to become a lineman.

Now that he knew what he wanted to do as a career, he began the enrollment process. Lane received financial aid for tuition but couldn’t afford the tools and specialized boots needed to participate in the class. MECC staff referred Lane to case manager Robyn Davis and the WIOA Adult program for assistance. Robyn helped Lane purchase everything he needed to be successful in training and beyond.

Just two days after completing lineman training, Lane went to work for Davey Resource Group out of North Carolina. His supervisor, Brian, told Robyn he is delighted with Lane’s work and couldn’t ask for a better worker. Lane is doing well and thankful for the leg-up Robyn and the WIOA Adult Program gave him!