Latasha and her two boys

Latasha Gets a Second Chance at her Dreams

Latasha Skeens began training as a nurse in 2010, but that training was quickly cut short. Due to financial and personal difficulties, she needed to return to work. Fast forward to 2020, and Latasha found that she had another chance at nursing school. She was thrilled but wary because she had two children that depended on her entirely this time.

Knowing that another opportunity to finish nursing school may never come, she enrolled in Buchanan County Career and Technology & Higher Learning Center’s LPN program. She worried about how she could afford school and provide for her family. That’s when she found out about the WIOA Adult Program. She was so relieved to know that help existed for people like her looking to continue their education, better themselves, and provide for their families.

“[The] WIOA [Adult Program] has provided me the comfort of not having to worry about how I would pay for school and still maintain my average to continue with school,” Latasha says. “WIOA… assisted me with reimbursement for gas mileage and helping me with being prepared for the workforce. [W]ithout the help, I would not be where I am today. WIOA has provided more for my family than I could have ever imagined or ever thank them for.”

Latasha is on track to graduate at the end of this month. She’ll then take her state boards, and case manager Mike Elswick will begin helping her with the job search process. We wish her the best of luck!